Monday, May 27, 2013

Just a little update on Me..

I think it takes quite a long time to update my blog this year..
I know..
I rest for too long and too lazy to update the post about the Sabah Trip..
Imma like super duper busy flying back and forth between KL and Bintulu..
Besides that..a ton of assignments need to hand in after mid semester break..
*Whatttt!!I just have only 1 week break still need to rush assignment T.T*
Another news..
I'm on diet by using exercise, go gym bla bla bla..
Do i cut down my food potion..*nah..noway!*
actually i just eat less fast food,japanese cuisine and eat more vege and fruits..
I need to cut down my weight..
since i feel myself a bit of overweight..i think..
but my boyfie don think so.. *Blerk =P*
After this semester..
Imma a third year student..
That's mean I just left one year to achieve my goal being getting my degree!
This few days the weather like damn super hot..
Just sit there rushing assignment
still also can feel the hot in the room
just like sitting in the very hot sauna room leh =O *OMG!*
Argh...Still have assignments need to rush rush rush..
So i think that's all for me today..
ByeBye < 3

ComeBack for Spring Cleaning >.^

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