Monday, May 27, 2013

Just a little update on Me..

I think it takes quite a long time to update my blog this year..
I know..
I rest for too long and too lazy to update the post about the Sabah Trip..
Imma like super duper busy flying back and forth between KL and Bintulu..
Besides that..a ton of assignments need to hand in after mid semester break..
*Whatttt!!I just have only 1 week break still need to rush assignment T.T*
Another news..
I'm on diet by using exercise, go gym bla bla bla..
Do i cut down my food potion..*nah..noway!*
actually i just eat less fast food,japanese cuisine and eat more vege and fruits..
I need to cut down my weight..
since i feel myself a bit of overweight..i think..
but my boyfie don think so.. *Blerk =P*
After this semester..
Imma a third year student..
That's mean I just left one year to achieve my goal being getting my degree!
This few days the weather like damn super hot..
Just sit there rushing assignment
still also can feel the hot in the room
just like sitting in the very hot sauna room leh =O *OMG!*
Argh...Still have assignments need to rush rush rush..
So i think that's all for me today..
ByeBye < 3

ComeBack for Spring Cleaning >.^

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Post of 2013

A New Start. A New Me. A New Journey.
How r u guys?
Everything okay?
I know..I know..
I din update any news since my holidays start..
Im sorry..
Im too busy during my holidays till i din manage to update my blog laa..
Im goin back to my study life soon..
still got about 1 and half weeks more..
So i will be update some new posts about my Sabah Trip..
Keep an eye on ME <3 div="">

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Hiii peeps!
How's going?
Enjoy your holiday??
Everything okay?
I just finish my exam and come back to my little hometown, Bintulu =)
I just back for 3 days and din blogged for few weeks..
So it's the time to let you guys know about my recent news..

First and foremost
Just a reminder or an alert for people always go anywhere ALONE!
This is real story that makes me really freaked out when i heard this story so please help me share it out to warn others to be careful!

Here's the story begin:
My friend go alone to KL Central to meet up another friend because they want to go shopping together.  My friend came earlier to the KL Central so my friend decided to have some drinks before her friend arrived.  So my friend go to the bubble tea shop and order the drinks and sat at the table which provided in the shop.  Then come 2 person sit side by side of my friend and my friend's smartphone are on the table.  They take it and tell my friend that they need to check my friend's phone because they suspecting him stolen their friend handphone.  Then, the 2 guys said that they are someone in gangster then ask my friend to take out the wallet and show it to them.  My friend was scared and the worker in the shop do not bother at all because they thought they are friends.  The 2 guys take my friend's atm and note down my friend's ic number and my friend's smartphone password.  After that, the 2 guys take my friend's atm and smartphone and just go to the CIMB ATM to take money. *due to my friend's carelessness - my friend's phone password = atm password* (REMINDER for everyone: please do not use the same password for your phone number and atm card!)
I think they go to the ATM machine to trial and error for taking out the money.  So, they success it because of my friend.  After that, they took the money and they return my friend's atm card but not the smartphone.  My friend was totally freaked out and did not what to do and all the people having their by-stander effect which make me very angry of it.  I think this is so-called MALAYSIAN!!  They 2 guys ran away den my friend just realize that being robbed so my friend go to check ATM card and found out that they take away all the cash in the ATM card and the phone.  Luckily my friend still have one very lousy nokia phone that they dun even bother to have it.  So, my friend call the parents what happen to ask for help.  They had made a report to police and i don't think that the police will help them to find back the things.
So, everyone just be careful to go anywhere alone!  
Nowadays, a lot of people they see it but they won't help you! So protect yourself and take care yourself!

You can share the story by clicking this link to share it out! Link : Share it out =)

Ya, boys and girls please be careful when you alone and Be alert! =)

That's the end of something serious..
Let's update some recent news about me!

In 2 weeks ago, i'm busying prepare my final exam which dragged me to hell T.T
I have 3 subject in 3 days a row..*Really heavy subject*
but luckily i din get 4 subject in 4 days a row den u sure will see me like a zombie walking around.. When i come back to hometown, i straight away caught a flu and haven getting better yet *sayang sayang* 

Then come to the hot issue of the year *tada* The End of the World -21.12.2012-
I'm still alive..I'm still breathing on this world..
Hah..actually i din't really trust the MAYAN thing..feel like not real..
If really de end of the world..
den i dun wan to study so hard for my final exam leh == *just kidding*
I think when come to le end of de world..what would i do before it?
I want to eat all my favourite foods and got my boyfie accompany with me..
But actually i hope that the end of the world never comes!
I still got a lot of small dreams and big dreams haven achieve yet.. *bla bla bla*
So precious your life! -Live.Laugh.Love.-

There are 1 more day and it is Christmas!
So wishes you guys 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

"We wish you a Merry Christmas..
 We wish you a Merry Christmas..
 We wish you a Merry Christmas..
 We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! "

Happy Holiday to Me =)

Monday, December 03, 2012


Hi peeps..How's your weekend?
Spending with your notes and books?
Shopping? Sleeping?
For me, i spent my weekend at Genting Highland with my family.. family come all the way long to go Genting Highland again =.= 
*at least i get some durians to eat though*
Okay..this post going to talk about some random things i did this few weeks..

Last two weeks ago..
I and my friends go IKEA for lunch..ya..LUNCH..
if you wonder why we go so far for lunch..
Don;t give the weird-looking face kay..
we are psychology we do things randomly okay? *Laugh out loud*
We go IKEA have their most famous dish *tada* Meatball xD *forgot to take pic coz i'm hungry*
Having Lunchie =D

*Jw and Kk*

*Thanesh n Sandra*

*Again* Gangsta Gang's Poser - Ruby
Spotted me? Full of food in my mouth *Satisfied*

Haha..Don't be too surprised..
I go Sing K again xD *lalalalalala~~~~~ *
At Loudspeaker again XD
LoudSpeaker, First Subang

Touch Screen Menu *touch touch*

Enjoy sing-ing K *Owwwww*

My Selca *wink with peace*

Group Selca *happy happy*
After Singing psychology club organizing an event - Movie Day..
Guess what movie we had it *babababa*
is TED xD
I watch it twice xD
I quite enjoy the movie although the teddy bear in the movie broke my imagination =<
*Say hi to TED!*
Besides that, the movie "TED" that i have watched..
I watched Twilight the last part and forever ending - Breaking Dawn (Part 2) !! *awhhhh*
I like Bella's make-up in this part..look so gorgeous =) *feel like falling in love with her vampire character*
She look more energetic in this part too!!
I enjoy watching it in the cinema =)
There was a climax which make a lot of viewers 'cheh~~' very loud xD 
*damn funny when we 'cheh' together*
I watched Pitch Perfect too! I enjoyed that movie too! I love their voice and songs..
The movie let me know more about acapella..*Awesome weiihh*
Using mouth to produce music as background~~
If you interested watch the movie that i mentioned..just go worth to watch!! *Like it!*
*Drink Chatime before go watch Breaking Dawn*

Drink GongCha *addicted*

My new converse shoes *Polka Dot*

*New hat from Branded outlets* Nice =D
I still blogging at this time..
There is not much time left leh..
Still left 11 days to start my WAR ><
My final exam is coming..
I feel like not fully prepare yet..Because see what am i doing now instead of studying XD
All the best to you guys who having exam or coming few weeks got exam =P *Good Luck!*
*All the best for Final Exam!!*
After Exam..Going back hometown xD
Then..u guess where i'm goin to when having holidays..
haha..No idea?!
I'm gonna fly to Sabah for 1 week with my boyfriend and a bunch of friends.. *OHYEAH!*
Hopefully we will enjoy the trip to the MAXXX..
play till the MAXXXX!! 
*Mood for Holiday before Exam*

Going Vacation?! No! Finish Exam first =P

I want Holidays! and Is around the corner ad XD

I will stop blogging for few weeks..
You exam is around the corner..
But i will blog some interesting posts after exam,kay? *cross finger*
Christmas also around the corner too ><
Merry Christmas to you guys !! 
*Merry Christmas*

Thursday, November 29, 2012


With my new hat =P
How are you guys?
Nope..Im not fine at all..
seeing me blog-ing at this time..
Recently, i cant sleep well when the night..
i think is the STRESS cause me cant sleep..INSONMIA ><
But when i try to sleep at 5 something just can sleep nicer compared to sleep at night =3
Do you guys have any idea to solve my problem??? ><
I don't want to be PANDA laaa ~~~

Exam is Around de Corner..
Christmas too!!
This means i'm going back hometown soon.. *excited*
*Jump here and there*
Going back hometown = Motivation of Study for Exam!
Just left not more than 2 weeks den my Final Exam start ><
I'm damn unlucky..
because i got 3 subject continuously on 3 days non-stop..
God! Bless! Me!
haha =D

Guys..if u saw this post..can you guys help me to solve my insomnia problem?
Just comment at below, kay? 
den Good Morning!
Thanks and Bye!

this week most likey le pic X3..Bye!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

20.11.12 1306

Good Morning!
Good Afternoon!
How's your weekend, guys? Did you enjoy it? Me? I think i have no time to enjoy my weekend..
There still left 24 days left and is FINAL and this week having an assignment need to hand in but is LAST! *ohyeah*
Last 2 weeks i had eat good good movies..and mostly important STUDY!!
Where should i start? *hmmmm*

*Dak Galbi*
The photo above is Dak Galbi with normal from Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant which located in Bandar Puteri, Puchong..i think so.How is it?  I feel so so because not really spicy for normal.  If you like to spicy food..u can try on spicy Dak Galbi.  I suggested that you must go with your friends at least 1 because they will ask u order minimum 2 person per serving and cost each person about RM19 for normal and RM22 for spicy. If interested, den just go try it and tell me how is it.. *sorry for just only 1 picture because hungry already* *Click it if you want know more about it*

*Horlicks Snow Ice* Yummm~~~
I think everyone seen this before..haha..ya..Is from Tong Pak Fu Dessert Shop which newly open at SS15, Subang there..They havin promotion like Today's Special..this is one of their Today's Special which cost me RM5(exclude tax laa)..They have different flavours for different days..I forget about which day which flavours ad =P If you din try Tong Pak Fu before you can order this to try it because not really very expensive =D *Click it if you want know more about it*

*Honey Green Tea*
This one is my first time too! You guys will like huh?!Honey Green Tea need to recommend you guys to laah..This one is my first time so dunno what i should choose den i choose a basic one laa..The drinks from GeorgPeck really quite nice..I got friends like to drink their brand bubble tea laa =) I just know that their first outlet is open in Asian Avenue Sunway Pyramid near to Shilin Taiwanese Food Stall there..They got a lot of healthy drink too so go get'em! =3 *Click it if you want know more about it*

*Me and Leanneee mummyy *
Hah!! 2 weeks ago..leannee mummy come back Sunway to visit me, lulu and celebrate Teacher Soon's birthday..We give Kahyen a very very early birthday celebration =D hope she like it laa..buahaha..When she saw leannee like blur for a while to think why this girl so familiar when she walk pass her and say hi to her =D Laugh die me..buahaha =3

When we meet sure have SING K session =D
We have our brunch at BBQ Plaza..we eat our brunch for 2 or 3 hours and chit chatting with our leannee..*time flies* After that, we feel that we do not have places to shop or play in pyramid so we decided go Loudspeaker to sing k which also my first time go there to sing k too..Mostly, we will choose go to Neway but i say never go there before so can we go try there..End up..we all agreed to go loudspeaker for my and leannee first time loudspeaker sing k's experience leh..The environment is nice and the pa system also really nice..The most important is the drink can refill! *ohyeahbaby* That day, we pay for RM22nett price per person because it is Saturday..*the price is nett price and no titbits too* haha=D *Click it if you want know more about it*
*Paranormal Activity 4 time*
The next day,Lulu start her semester break already so she need to go back to her hometown because she din go back for few weeks just left me and mummy to go watch movie at Midvalley..*wuuuu* We had our breakfast at Midvalley too..My mummy say she start to work ad and she owe me few things so she pay for my breakfast, my gongcha and my movie ticket!! Thank you Mummy! Love you and miss you..<3 nbsp="nbsp">

*short short fishietail braids*
I like to read others bloggie so i found my friend blogged about this so i try on it..It looks so nice but short..i think that my hair grow longer and i will try it again den i will post it to show u guys..Look nice? Want to learn?
Here's the youtube video which i learnt from it: 

Okay..need to get back to work on my LAST assignment! So bye bye..C u guys soon =D

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yihui's Surprise Birthday

Happy Birthday, Yihui!
Her birthday is on 9th November 2012 a.k.a. last friday..
In the morning, before we start class..
We sang birthday song for our birthday girl
She also received wishing board from our class
Here it is..
Look nice, isn't it?
After the class, we all busy hand in our assignment
Because that day also is Assignments Due Date T.T
*tsk tsk tsk* pity pity us =)
When we all done..we plan to go for a Hakka Restaurant named Hakka Siu Poon Choy Restaurant 
to celebrate her birthday which in Kepong or near Kepong..watever laa..

Our pretty birthday girl, Yihui.

Our gang POSER - Rubby Lee *ignore others*

Finding her favourite food which she like to order..*concentrate*
Meanwhile waiting for the food..
We give her another birthday card and video from our gang
to give her another attack to made her cry..
Mission Failed!
At least she like it laa..*happy*

Reading the birthday wishes *Hope her wishes all come true*
Then the food come..*Droooooolllinnnnnngggggg*
The foods look so nice and yummy..
Some dishes i din like so muchie laa..
If u wan to go try this restaurant..
I can recommend some..


forget the name ad..but is Tofu..yummy..=)



We finish it all within one hour..i think so *evil laugh*
Due to next week got cognition and perception quiz..Birthday girl plan to go to Tropicana JingSi to study..Another mission START!

Birthday girl in JingSi..

Ruby n Yihui
When they are concentrating on their C& the only one who  feel boring xD

*Surprise!* A birthday cake pop-out to surprise the birthday girl who being tricked by me.

She cried and yelled at me..'Why you lied to me?' *Evil Laugh*
So, our last Mission ACCOMPLISH! Then, we have our favourite session - PHOTO SESSION!

*Whisper* Hope my wishes come true!

Happy 20th Birthday!

All the best!

The end of the surprise birthday..Wishes her all da besst in her life!

p/s : The birthday girl picked Tropicana for the place for study bcoz she hope she can meet her dream guy *ahem* there..haha =D

The surprise video: (please click the link below to view it if you want it)

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